Columbus Metropolitan Library


Each branch, nestled in its community, is a landmark of hope – a reflection of the people it serves. Thanks to each one of the individuals, corporations, foundations and organizations that propel our work forward, we are able to offer central Ohio resources, programs and books for readers of all ages – always free of charge.

Donor Recognition

With the help of supporters like you, the library was able to innovate nearly every aspect of its work in 2020 to respond quickly to the changing needs of our community.

Almost 4,000 supporters donated to the library in 2020 and more than 2,000 gave for the very first time. These gifts help provide access to the internet and technology, school help, job and career help and, of course, hours and hours of reading enjoyment.

The Foundation truly appreciates your generosity and the impact it makes for so many kids, teens, adults and families in Franklin County.

Jim Abbott

Scott Abbott

Abdirahman Abdi

Carolyn and Weldon Abels

Dale Abrams

Nirupam Acharya

Jane and Stan Ackley

Angela Acosta

Cindy and Eric Adamaszek

Anna Adams

Douglas Adams

Kim Adams

Roberta Adams

Travis Adams

Brenna Adkins

Alyssa and Doug Adkins

Samelia Adu-Gyamfi

Ryan Agnew

Alyssa Ahmann

Shakila and Glen Ahrens

Stacy Aichele

Jim Aiello

Abdellah Ait Dahmane

Burak Akgerman

Teena Akiyama

Cathy and Walter Alexander

Mildred Alfano

Sandi Algeo

Kamila Alhalak

Tanvir Ali

Nancy Alkire

Jean Allard

Gary Alleman

Linda Curtis Allen and Chris Allen

Greg Allen

Jennifer Allen

Jakki and Jerry Allen

Bob Allen

Thea Allendorf

Cheryl Allerding

Emily Alonso-Taub

Eleanor Alvarez

Gangadhar Ambati

Vickie and Russell Amdor

Rafat Amer

Suad Amin

Joanne and George Amos

Donna and Karl Amstutz

Lisa and Michael Anania

Ellen and David Anderson

Hugo Anderson

Jilaine and John Anderson

John Anderson

Lawrence Anderson

Marty Anderson

Nicholas Anderson

Patricia Anderson

Sarah Andreas

Donna Andres

Carol Anelli

Janet Annis

Cynthia Ansted

Lora Antoine

Susie Stan and Stuart Applebaum

Doug Applegate

Mary Arensberg

Jennifer Argo and Christopher Berry

Eunice and Emmanuel Arhin

Don Armbruster

Elaine Armbruster

Abbie Armitage

Julie Armitage

Abigail Armstrong

Alison Armstrong

Jon Armstrong

Jeff Baker and Randy Arndt

Kristen Arnold

Susan and David Arnold

Vanessa and George Arnold

Laurie Arp

James Arter

Kay Arthur

Angela and Scott Arthur

Lois Ashcroft

Jennifer Asson

Patrick Atkins

The Attar Family

Benjamin Au

Sandra Auer

Katherine Ault-Kinkead

Pam and Bruce Aument

Kathy Aumiller

Sharon Austin

Tracy Austin

Lisa Averill

Su Awani

Darrel Ayers

Lynne Ayres

Sine-Marie Ayres

Mary and Don Azelvandre

John Bachman

Ellen and Jim Bachmann

Julie and Edward Bacome

Christopher Baddeley

Gregory Bader

Joe Baer

Gail Bagwell

Mary Bailey

Allison Bair

Laura Baird

Christine Baker

Jennifer Baker

Lachandra and Brian Baker

Robert Baker

Sheryl Baker

Kate and Ross Baldwin

James Balingcongan

Arlene Balla

Amy Ballash

Tyler Ballew

Linda Balthaser

Alayna and Michael Bandy

Kavitha Bangalore

Cynthia Bankieris

Cheryl and John Banner

Kevin Barcomb

Nancy and Burt Bardus

Sharon Bardus

Scott Bargar

Marilyn and George Barlow

Edith Barnett

Kathryn Baron

Karen Barr

Dora and John Barra

George Barrett

Gregory Barrett

Amy Barron

Lynnette Barron

Ashley Bartell

Barbara and Gene Barth

Melissa Barth Kelly

Kim Kelly-Bartley and John Bartley

Sandra Barton

Abigail Bartosic

Richard Bartz

Fran Baskin Panek

Julie Basom

Sarah Bassler

Cheryl Bates

Diane Bates

Craig Batzer

Roy Bauchmoyer

Kate and Ted Bauer

Marilee Bauer

Rita and Greg Bauer

Walter Bauer

Lawrence Baum

Mildred and Derek Baumann

Paul Baumann

Jennifer Bavry

Cathy and Dave Baxter

Kathryn Beach

Wendy Beahn

Betty Beals

Martha and Steven Beals

Jean Beaty

Timothy Bechtol

Elizabeth Beck

Rebecca Beck

Nancy Becker

Trina Becker

Pamela Beech

Pam and Jack Beeler

James Elliott and John Behal

Catherine and Gregory Behrends

Sheila and Carl Behrendt

Susan and Neal Belair

Mastewal Belay

Carolyn Belisle

Lauren and Josh Bell

Nicole Bell

Lori and Don Belock

Wafa Bendali

John Bender

Lisa and Tom Bendure

Sara Bendure and Juan Goodyear

Carol Beneker

Sydne Benge

Jessica Benner

Alison Bennett

Melonia Bennett

Natalie and Paul Bennett

Paul Bennett

Robert Bennett

Jeff Benson

Jody Benton

Lisa Benton

Lesley Beran

Derek Bergman

Mary Bergman

Thomas Berkemeyer

Enrico Berkes

Mary and Randall Berkley

Teresa Berkowitz

Bob Bernhart

Jan Berroyer

Eleanor and Frank Berry

Marissa Berry

Katy Bertner

Lawrence Bertolini

Lisa and Gilles Bertrand

Amy and Andy Bethune

Pamela Beveridge

Mary Beyer

Sophia Beynen

Yogendra and Chandrika Bhatt

Carole Bickel

Teresa Bierdeman

Jen and Matt Bierlein

Paige Biglin

Kishore Billakanti

Connie and Stephen Bird

Vasilios Birlidis

Tim Bischoff

Emily Bishko

Lisa and David Bishoff

Rudine and James Bishop

Frances Black

Natalie Blackburn

Tina and Woody Blackwell

Debora Blaho

Linda Blaine

Lynne Blair

Rosemarie and Francis Blais

John Blauert

Roberta Bleimes

Peter Bliley

Emily and Bryan Block

John Blommel

Jackie Bloom and David Nichol

Lynn and Paul Blower

James Blum

Wendy Blum

Katherine Boatwright

Stephanie Bobek

Matthew Bochter

Brian Bogar

Aaron Boggs

Amanda and Chris Boggs

Barbara Boggs

Jillian Bohme

Jennifer and Matthew Bok

Sean Boley

Barbara Bolger

Sharon Boling

Nicolas Bolle

Glenn Bolognese

Thomas Bolon

Kacy and Mark Bonaventura

Andre Bondurant-Urias

Lauren Bonfield and Steve Keyes

Carolyn Bonini

Stephanee Booker

Susan Bookwater

Norman Booth

Sandra Booth and John LeVan

Michael Borowitz

Ben Bosah and Ngozi Osuagwu

Heidi Bostelman

Kathleen Boston

Linda Boston

Lynn Boston

John Bostwick

Frances and Harold Bowen

Rachel Bowen

Daniel Bower

Sylvia Bower

Jennifer Bowers

Sarah Bowes

Donna Bowman

Janet Bowman

Marvin Bown

Elizabeth Boy

Angie and Jim Boyce

Bethany Boyd

Margaret Boyd

Bruce Boyer

William Boys

Trish and Timothy Boysel

Elizabeth and Peter Boyuk

Tina Bozzuto

Sharon Brady

Elaine and John Braisted

Benson Branch

Eleanor and Adam Brandt

Barbara and David Brandt

Gretchen Brandt

Katie Brandt

Diane Brant

Kristi and Scott Braskett

Christine Bratka and Charles Fannin

Jolie Braun

Pamela Brauner

Hannah Bravo

Henry Brecher

Jean Bredeche

Kazimierz Breiter

Brynne Bremer

Catherine Bremer

Linda Brentlinger

John Bricker

Nicole Brickman

Russell Briggs

Jessica and Ryan Brigle

Kyle Brill

Jen Brinker

Natalie Brinkman

Diane Brobeck

Kate and John Brody

Karen and Mike Brogan

Michelle Broidy

Gretchen and Gregory Brooks

Julius and Dorothea Brooks

Rose and David Broomell

Amelia Brown

Amy Brown

Anissa Brown

Lisa and Dave Brown

Nancy and David Brown

Beth Brown

Bev and Herb Brown

Jeffrey Brown

Lydia Brown

Rita and Jeff Brown

Sally Brown

Jennifer and Shaun Brown

Yvette Brown

Angela Brownfield and Justin Kastman

Marie Browning

Lindalee and Barry Brownstein

Scott Brubach

Jeanette and Robert Brubaker

Judi Bruce

Phyllis Brusky

Tyrone Bruton

Linda and James Bryant

Jennifer Bryant

Max Buban

Kathleen and David Bubb

Pam and John Buchte

Gay and Don Buckingham

Donna Buckley

Sherrie Budde and John Davis

Judy Buehler

Helen Buelow

Carolyn Buker

Todd Bunce

Cheryl Burden

Gary Burdett

Jamie Burdiss

Laney Burgdoerfer

Charlene and Bill Burges

Shaun Burley

James Burnes

Marjorie Burnham

Sarah Burns

David Bush

Nikki Bush

Sharon and Michael Bush

Sherry Bush

Theresa Bush

Shannon Butler

Andrea Butsch

Paula Butterfield

Terry Butterworth

Sarah Butts

Michelle Buyer

Sharelle Buyer

Cindy Byington

Molly Byrne

Jody Cain

Carolyn Caldwell

Gretchen Caldwell

Patricia and James Caldwell

Victoria Caldwell

Douglas Calem

Anita Calhoun

Megan Calhoun

Molly Calhoun

Linda Calliari-Harman

Rena Camechis

Laurie Cameron

Sharon Cameron

Carol Campbell

Daria Campbell

Jason Campbell

Karen Campbell

Debby and Christopher Canaday

Gabriel Canizales

George Cannell

Linda and Robert Cannon

Robin Canowitz

Amy Caplinger

Diane Card

David Cardwell

Richard Carlisle

Troy Carlson

Jessica Carney

Tyler Carney

Jamie Carns

Emily Carpenter

Mony Carpenter

Audrey and Andrew Carr

Bethany Carr

Michael Carr

Bobby Carrington

Becky and Patrick Carroll

Bob Carroll

Roger Carroll

Karen Carson

Katelyn Carson

Vivian Carstens

Lynn Cartee

Carrington Carter

Susan Carter

Shawn Cartmell

Cheryl and Richard Cartwright

Elizabeth and Steve Cartwright

Sarah and Michael Carvaines

Carlos Casablanca

Hector Casal

Nichole Casciato

Penny and Terry Casey

Carah Casler

Dawn Casperson

Ingrid Alvarez and Victor Castillo

Cassandra Casto

Melissa Castor

Lucy and Jeff Caswell

Kathleen Catabay

Richard Catlin

Jody Cattell

William Catus

Ashley and Nick Cellar

Carol Chafin

Isha Chaknalwar

Neha and Subhankar Chakraborty

Hannah Chalfant

Beth Chamberlin

Ann Chambers

Elizabeth Chambers

Marcia Chambers

Partsy Champer

Kimberly Chandler

Edith Chang

Michelle Chao

Susan Charlton

Laurie Chase

Katie and Geoff Chatas

Anwesha Ritwik Chatterjee

Sunil Chaudhari

Shannon Cheek

Veera Raghavaiah Chembeti

Jennifer Chen

Margey and Gary Cheses

Miriam Chever

Brice Chidester

Anton Chin

Christina Ching

Carolina Choroco

Piu Choy

Barb and Mark Christel

Heidi Christensen

Emily Christian

Mara and Steve Christine

In Mook Chun

Leslie Church

Elizabeth Ciampa

Vicky and William Cipparrone

Julia Ciraulo

Alison Circle and Riccardo Ruotolo

Marissa Cirker

Kathleen Cisco

Owen Clady

Ross Clady

Angela Clark

James Clark

Jeff Clark

John Clark

Sarah Clark

Nancy and Timothy Clark

Erika Clark Jones and Mark Jones

Christine and Joe Clay

Felicia and Marvin Clayton

Rosie Cleary

Deanna Clifford

Paula Cline

Stephanie Clore

Kristi Close

Karen Clouse

Anne Co

Peter Coccia

Allen Cochran

Beverly Cochran

Deidre Cody

Nathanael Coe

Judy Coffey

Amy Coffin

Mary Cohagan

Patricia Cohan

Lauren and Bennett Cohen

Carole and Larry Cole

Kimberly Cole

Bonnie Coleman

Elizabeth Coleman

Paula Collier

Amanda Collins

Karen and Bruce Collins

Linda Collins

Leanne Colton

Cynthia Colucy

Maxine Colvin

Sharon Combs-Wright

Lynne and Ronald Comer

Fran Compton

Melissa Conard

Nick Conkle

Julie Connolly

Mary Connor

Elaine Conrad

Beth Conrey and Yutan Getzler

Mary Conroy

Mary Jo Conte

Olwyn Conway

Kay and David Cooke

Saundra Cooke

Lynn and Theodore Coons

Beth and Adam Cooper

Rosemay and Bob Cooper

Candace Cooper

Hawah Cooper

Jane Cooper

Neal Cooper

Sue Cooper

Katherine Coppock

Shirley Cornely

Tony Cornett

Sasha and Scott Corney

Carla Corroto

Jay Cosel

Andrea Costello

Caroline Costin

Stephanie Cotell

Shirley Cotter

Conni Hale and Craig Cottingham

Janice Countaway

Michelle Cour

Glen Courdway

Lisa and Tom Courtice

Bonita Covel

Eileen Covell

Abby Cover

Susan Cowden

Delaina and Leon Cox

Monica and Ishbah Cox

Patricia Coyle

Katherine Cragg

Kathleen Crago

Janice Craig

Peter Craigmile

Christie and Dan Crane

Beth Crane and Richard McKee

Paige and Michael Crane

Deborah and John Crawford

Katherine Crawford

Linda Crawford

Mary Crawford

Olivia Crawford

Peggy Crawford

Sherry Crawford-Eyen

Rebecca Craycraft

Steve Cremean

Brenda Crenshaw

Angie Collier Crespin and Timothy Crespin

Jeremy Cresswell

Emily Crisan

Bob Crist

Nicole Crock

Daisy Crockron

Sharina Cromartie-Rabadi

Angela and Catherine Cromer

Rubyallyn Cross

Joanne and Rusty Crouse

Hugh Crowell

Rosalino Cruz Pablo

Catherine Cryan Erney and Ken Erney

Rachel Csaszar

Ben Cullivan

Steven Culpepper

Robert Cummings

Elise Cundiff

David Cunningham

Leslie and Joseph Cunningham

Larry Cunningham

Celeste Curran

Christine Curran

Andrew Currie

Adeline Cursio

Dawn Cusak

Garth Dahdah

Rose Daiga

Claudia Dail

Anne Daly

William Daly

Dianne and Joseph Damico

Alex D’Amore-Braver

Doug Dangler

Theophilus Daniel

Camilla and Gerald Daniels

Jeffrey Daniels

Jennifer Daniels

Charlie Dankworth

Ben Danso

Beth D’antonio

André Das

Indradeep Dasgupta

Dan Dattolico

Karen and Earl Daugherty

Lauren and Andrew Daughters

Melissa D’Aurora

Susan Davala

James Davenport

Louise and Alan Davidson

Helen Davidson

Karin Davidson

Donna and Eric Davies

Amy Davis

Amy Davis

Clint Davis

Emily Davis

Judith Davis

Karen Davis

Mary Anne and Gary Davis

Mary Davis

Timika Davis

Tracy Davis

Clara Davison

Jalisa and Johnathan Dawkins

Diane and Bill Dawson

Hope Dawson

Maryse Dawson

Shandra and Jeffrey Day

Marc Day

Sietske de Fijter

Annette De Havilland

Cathy and Michael De Rosa

Katharine Dean

Tanya Dean

Scott Deardurff

Joyce DeArmond

Melanie and Mike DeAscentis

Todd DeBoe

Amy DeBonis

Justin DeBrosse

Ruth Decker

Eric Deese

Chris Deever

Janice Harris and Tim Degitz

  1. Deiberg

Zalman Deitsch

Michalea Delaveris

Geoffrey Delman

Marie Delmonico

Lisa DeLoss

Jessica DelRe

Laura DeMange

Patty and Paolo DeMaria

George Demis

Michael Demler

Stefania Denbow-Hubbard

Cecelia Denney

Cheryl and James Dennis

Mark Dennis

Julie and David Dennison

Kelly and Eric Denny

Andrea and Christopher Dent

Kendra and Andrew DePaul

Chad Dergins

Barb and Phil Derrow

The Barbara W & Philip R Derrow Family Foundation

Heidi and Jeff DeShon

David Detty

Elaine and Edward Devennish

Caitlin Harstman and Jared DeVore

Jennifer Dewez

Nathan Deyo

Terri DiBartolomeo

Sophia Dickes

Timothy Dickey

Paul Dierksen

Sara Dietrich

Carolyn and Steven Dietrich

Maimouna Diew

Steven Diffenderfer

Tom Dillard

Melissa Dippold

John Dirina

Julia Disanto

  1. Dishong

Paul Dittmar

Barbara Dixon

Carol Dixon

Mary and Bob Dixon

Elizabeth Doane

Gregg Dodd

Aulden Dodderer

Maxine and John Doddroe

Elise Dodley

Angela and Justin Dolan

Jamie Dolan

Paul Dolce

Amanda Dolfi

Lisa Dolin

Rachel Dolsky

Janet Domingus

Harish Dommaraju

Molly and Mark Donavan

Molly Donnelly

Norma Dorfner

Mitchell Dorn

David Dorsch

Jay Dorsey

Julie Dorsey

Sarah Dorsey

William Dorsey

Daniel Dotson

Lynn and Thomas Dotson

Sue Douglas

Kristan Dove

Hilary Dover

James Dowell

Dianna Downing

Mary Ann and Pat Doyle

Sandy Doyle-Ahern and Mike Ahern

Paul Dragin

Martha and George Dreese

Charles Driscoll

Meredith Driscoll

Diane Drotleff and B. Alicie

Kelli D’Souza

Jeffrey Dubin

Liz DuBois

Hayley Dudley

Marjorie Duffy and Mike Gladman

Sonia Duffy

Kelly Dufour

John Dugan

Suzanna Duggan

Kris Duke

Jessica and Matthew Dumas

Liane Dumolt and Betty Nelson

Sharon and Frank Dunbar

Erin Duncan

Shirley Duncan

Lindsey and Kevin Dunleavy

Nancy Dunn

Mark DuPrey

Monica Durbin

Renee Dutro

Kevin Dwinnell

Alfred Dykes

Jessica Dyszel

Jody Dzuranin

Jennifer and Roger Dzwonczyk

Donna and Ted Earl

Mary Jo and Jim Early

Lia Eastep

Molly Eastlake

Conrad Eberle

Robert Eblin

Kim Eckerson

Faniya and Doug Eckert

Ronald Eckert

Nancy and Jack Eckfeld

Beth Edgington

Elaine Edler

Annabel and Erik Edwards

Lisa and Jeff Edwards

Nicholas Edwards

William Edwards

Susan Egler

Deborah Ehrenberg

Matt Eichmann

Teresa Eigel

Deborah and Mike Eiland

Obinna Ekeh

Marla and Doug Eland

Beverly Elder

Tyler Eldridge

Jeffrey Elia

Karen Eliot

Helen and Richard Ellinger

Dan Elliot

Lauren Elliott

Sandra Elliott

Erika Ellison

Phyllis Elmo

Rex Elsass

Micha Elsner

Bachir Elyounoussi

Gail Engel

Ruth Engelberg

Barbara Ennis

Evelyn Entler

Margaret Eriksen

Linda and Bernie Erven

Susan Esh

Lynn Eshleman

Amy Eslepp

Jessica Espasandin

Alexandra Soler and Luis Espinoza

Cheryl and James Estep

Sharon Evanko

Cathleen and Ken Evans

Lisa Evans

Tamara Evans

Shaunessy Everett

Sadie Everhart

Peggy and Don Evert

Godson Ewle

Marilu and Tim Faber

Stephen Fabian

Virginia Fahys

Robert Fair

Mary Finnegan and Carl Faller

Alban Family

Pamella Fannin

Katey Fanning

Linda Farnsworth

Christine and Thomas Farquhar

Betsey Farquhar-Bradish

Terri and James Farris

Kimberly Fatten

John Faulkner

Lisa Favors

Connie and Terry Feder

Michelle and Geoff Fedurek

Andy Feicht

Marcia Feldstein

Marcia Feller

Dave Fenner

Anne Ferguson

Janet and James Ferrell

Phyllis Fetzer

Nancy Fields

Frances Figetakis

Bonnie Fink

Gary Fink

Elizabeth Finke

Gina Finley

Bebe and John Finn

Angela and Mark Finnegan

Karen and Michael Fiorile

Donna Firm

Steven Fishkin

Lois Fitch

Sally and Robb Fitch

Tracey and Donald Fithen

Kristen and Ben Fithian

Jane and Dan Fitting

Elizabeth Fitzgerald

Jessica Flanders

Mark Flanders

Nancy Flavin

Diane and John Fletcher

Richard Flint

Joe Florenski

Mary Flory

Tad Flugge

Elizabeth and Dennis Flynn

Sandra and Terry Foegler

Robin Fogt

Sam Folmar

Joan and Norman Folpe

Nel Callson and Robert Foor

Donna and Kenneth Frod

Megan Ford

Karen Forgrave

Helen and Bob Formet

Sara Forshey

Paula Fortea

Barbara and Randy Fortener

Craig Foster

Kimberley Foster

Tawnya Foster

Patricia Fountain and Claude Malcolm

Janice Fout

Kristine Fout

Diana Fowler

Jessica Fowley

Alexandra Fox

Rhonda and Charlie Fraas

Beverly Francis

Joanne and David Frantz

Sarah Frecker

Leanna Frederick-Johnson

Janice Freeman

Mabel Freeman

Michelle Freeman

Nola Freeman

Amy French

Drew French

Mary Jo and Henry Fresch

Sandy Frey

Troy Fridley

Mary and John Fried

Gigi and Sam Fried

Marilyn Friedly

Benny Friedman

Charlotte and Chad Friedman

Linda and Tom Friedman

Samantha Friedman

Jennifer and Aaron Frim

Nancy Fritz

Maria and Timothy Frommeyer

Janice Fry

Rosemary Fuerst

Al Fulford

William Fullarton

Patrick Fullerton

Rachel and Brian Fullin

Trevor Fulton

Nancy Funk

Chloe Funkhouser

Danya Furda

Linda Furru

Kate and Scott Gaines

Courtney Gaitten

Denise Gaitten

Saundra Gaitten-Brennan

Mariene Gallanis

Lisa and Bill Gallant

Diann Gallion

Judith Gallucci

Beth Galvin

Jeet Gandhi

Chris Garcia

Paul Gardner

Judy Garel

Diane Garland

Carol Andreae and Jim Garland

Karyn Garland

David Garlikov

Jon Garner

Veronica and Thomas Garrity

Courtney Gary

Barb and Mike Gasbarro

Jill and Joseph Gasper

Marlene Gast

Lisa and Jim Gatterdam

Jason Gavula

Julie Gay

Sarah Gayer

Linda Gaylor and Gary Bush

Janice and Charles Gayton

Laura Gdula

Jane Geanangel

Turiya Gearhart

The Geary Family

Paul Gebhardt

Kellie Gedert

Barbara Geis

Janet and Bruce Gelsinger

Keith Gengras

Nikki Genoozis Hess

John George

Lance George

Jeffrey Geppert

Carrie Gerding

Alice Gerken

Pamela German

Nayh Getu

Jamie Giannantonio

Jessica Giannotti and Adam Kramer

Ben Gibbons

Deauna Gibbs

Charlotte Gibson

Linda Gibson Fletcher and Roosevelt Fletcher

Emily Giesler

Sarah Giffen

Connie Gilbert

Heather Gilbert

Lynn Giljahn

Carol Gilkey

Barbara Gill

Susan and Bill Gillam

Erika Gillette

Catherine Gilliam

Elisa Gillispie

Diane Ging

Wendell Gingerich

Kevin Gingras

Michelle Gingras

Sara and Aaron Given

Sue Glander

Charles Glaser

Jane Gleaves

DeeDee and Herb Glimcher

Robert Glotzhober

Steven Gluck

Kathleen Gmeiner

Barbara Goard

Raimund Goerler

Michelle Goetz

Patricia Goggin

Robert Golaszewski

Alli Gold

Lynnette and Danny Goldberg

Joanne Goldhand and Justin D’Arms

Mark Goldman

Jane Goleman

Katherine Goliver

Joy and Mike Gonsiorowski

Claudio Gonzalez

Rachel Gonzalez

Charles Goodburn

Eva Goode

Marilyn Goodman

Babette Gorman and Jack Buckingham

Lisal and Don Gorman

Michael Gorman

Linda and Robert Gorman

Courtney Goss

Leanna Goss

Jackie Gould

Mary Grady

Ann Graf

Vicki and Harvey Graff

John Graffeo

Pam Grandon and Bob Beard

Ellin Granger

Vera Grant

Allisa Grashel

Sandy Grasso

Rachel and Conrad Gratz

Alice Graveley

Georgene and Claude Graves

Darryl Graves

Elizabeth and Jon Gray

Larremy Gray

Angela Green

Angela Green

Barbara Green

Ruth and Larry Green

Thomas Green

Amanda and Rob Greenbaum

Amy and Joshua Greenberg

Christine Greene

David Greenzalis

Jean Gregg

Kathryn Greisen

Gia and Michael Grendel

Patricia Grieszmer

Shayna Griffin

Abbey and Brad Griffith

Hilary Griffith

Robin Griffith

Sharon Grimes

John Grimsley

Karen and John Groeber

Anita and Stacy Groene

Kathleen and Jude Grondin

Alissa Gropper

Cheryl Grossman

Jeanne Grothaus

Dustin Grovemiller

Aaron Grover

Anne Groves

Melinda Growdon

Dana and Roy Grubbe

Stephanie and Mike Gruet Poe

Vincent Guinto

Mikalene Guiser

Rajendra Gunda

Prabhat Gupta

Rebecca Gurk and Stuart Mangel

Kendra Gussler

Mary Gustafson

Sarah Gutzwiller and Daniel Hill

David Guy

Ruth Guzner

Christine Guzzo

Kim Guzzo

Linda and Bill Habig

Kathryn Hackney

Margaret and James Haddix

Carol and Tom Hadley

Nedra Hadley

Jenny Haeberle

Pamela and Peter Haff

Lauren Hagan

Nancy Hager

Lori Hagerman

Sarah and David Hahn

Chris Hahnel

John Haight

Tadesse Haile and Michael K.

Rebecca Haimowitz-King

Andrew Hall

Ashleigh Hall

Bonita Hall

Philip Hall

Peter Hall

Edward Hallam

Linda Halleran

Dale Halon

Jim Hamberg

David Hambleton

Jane Hamblin

Daniel Hamilton

  1. Hamilton

Lisa and Troy Hamilton

Anne Hammerstein

Jan Hammoudeh

Laura Hancock

Laure Hancock Bowen and Tod Bowen

Joseph Handzel

Wahida Hanel

Mark Hanes

Lee Hanna

Nina and Donald Hannan

Michael Hannemann

Jean and Steve Hansell

Alexis and Ethan Hansen

Ashley Hansen

Amanda and Charlie Hansen

Jennifer Hansen

Michelle Hansen

Wendy Hansen-Smith

Claudia Hansley

Timothy Hansley

Dakota Hanson

Kaye and Robert Hanson

Sheryl and Scot Hardin

Judith Hardy

Michele Hare

Tracy Harger

Lisa Harmon

Lisa and David Harnack

Valerie and Richard Harover

Michelle Harr

Angela and Ryan Harrington

Alison Harris

Marlene Deringer and Kim Harris

Victoria Harris

Char Harrison

Beth Harrison and Ian Martie

Jeanne Harrison

Tracy and Dave Harrison

Kathleen Harroff

Dennis Hart

Laura Hart

Lynette Hart

Meredith Hart and Mark Demian

Rose Hart

Julia Hartfelder

Lisa Hartley

Drew Hartman

Pat Hartman

Wendie Hartman

Susan Hartmann

Kalynne Harvey

Marcia Harvey

Ria Harvey

Wanda Harvey

Elizabeth Harzoff

Greg Haskins

Jared Hatch

Mary Hatch

Marihelen Hatcher

Laura and Scott Hauser

Katherine Haverland

Allison Hawkins

Erin Hay

Elizabeth Haydel and Trevor Brown

Shirley and Larry Hayes

Robert Hayes

Sarah Hayford

Kim Hayhurst

Hua He

Jill Headbloom

Darlene and James Healy

Mary and William Heck

Katie Heckerd

Stephen Hedge

Betsy Hedler

Tara Hedrick

Teresa Heffernan

Rachel and Jim Heine

Jennifer Heiser

Marsha and Kent Heisley

Sheryl and Phil Heit

Seth Held

Suzanne and Dan Helmick

Sara Hemly

Brian Henderson

Patricia Henderson

Ruth Ann Hendrickson

Michelle Henley

Laura Hennigan

Judith and Charles Henry

Joann Hensley

William Hensley

Mark Herbert

Jill Herbst and Chris Griffin

Mary Herdman

Jennifer and Charles Herman

John Herman

James and Christine Hernon

David Herold

Douglas Herr

Sara and John Herridge

Gayle Herried

Marcia and Robert Hershfield

Charlene Hertzer

Jen Hess

Julie Hessler

Michael Hetteberg

Stephen Hettlinger

Cheryl Hetzel

Mary and Dan Hevoigt

Ruth Robbins and Alan Hewett

Martha Hewitt

Cole Hghes

Bruce Hieber

Maria Hieida-Hoehne

Diane Higgins

Kevin Hightower

Emily Zachrich and Joseph Hiler

Barbara Hill

Lynn Hill

Cindy and Larry Hilsheimer

Theresa and Jeffrey Hinckley

Teniesha Hinds

Karen Hines

Joseph Hinkle

June and Dave Hinkle

Nicole Hird

Kathleen Hire

Dan Hirn

Mark Hiser and Charles Caldwell

Anne and Bob Hite

Shannon and Donghai Ho

Ann and Tom Hoaglin

Lynne Hobstetter

Adam Hochstetler

Marcella Hochwalt-King

Susan Hodge and David Greenberg

Allison and Tim Hodson

Fiona Hoefer

Shannon and Mike Hoepf

Kim and George Hoessly

David Hoffman

Joni Hoffman

Regina Hoffman

Teresa Hoffman

Sandy and Thomas Hofmann

Bonnie Hogan

Olivia Hogan and Kevin Daniels

The Tice Family

Caroline and Zakari Hohl

Steven Hohn

Douglass Hoke

Jamie Hoke

Jennifer Holdcraft and Allen Porter

Connie Holden

Ruth and Gary Holdren

Terry Holdren

Alexandra Holliday

Edward Holliday

Janet and Tom Holliday

Jacqueline Hollins

Jeffrey Holman

Abby Holmes

Louis Holschuh

Michael Holt

Thomas Holzinger

Jason Homan

Jay Homan

Jenna Homan

Natalie Honkala

Mary Hooker

Timothy Hooks

Catherine Hookway

Colleen Hopkins

Jodi Hopkins

MaryAnn and Patrick Hopping

Kristi and Jim Horne

Marsha Watkins and Eunice Hornsby

Jenelle Hoseus

Brenda Hosey

Meghan Hosmer

Irwin Hott

Jenny Hough

Tiarra Householder

Tony Hovest

Barbara Howard

John Howard

Tammy Howard

Sylvia Howe

Patricia and Grant Howlett

Allison Hoyt

Sally Hritz

Karl Hsieh

Ying Huang

Pat and Greg Huddle

Christina Hudson

David Hudson

Clyde Huffman and James Moore

Deena Hughes

Matthew Hughes

Melanie and Chris Hughes

Marilyn and Thomas Huitger

Mare and David Hull

Elizabeth Hulse

Stephanie Humphrey

Katherine Humphreys

Molly Hunsaker

Barbara Hunt

Ellen Hunt

Jennifer Hunt

Robert Hunt

Stacey Hunt

Diane Hunter and Albert Sedeen

Kelsie Hunter

Kimbury Hunter

Robert Hunter

John Huntley

Esté and Matt Hupp

Becky Hurley

Gilbert Hurwood

Patricia and Kevin Husch

Hilda Hutcherson

Jim Hutchins

Marilyn Hutchinson

Sheila Hutchison

Phuong Huynh

Douglas Hwang

Barb and John Hykes

Karen Hyland

Tabitha Hylton

Marlene Hyman and Fred Andrle

Monica and Tex Hysell

Rodrigo Iglesias

Tracy Imamura

Stephanie Imhoff

Janet and Andy Ingraham Dwyer

Samuel Ingwersen

Aliceanne Inskeep

Stephanie Interliggi

Amy Ivanoff

Jean and David Ives

Joseph Izokaitis

Brooks Jaccaud

Yesenia Jacinto-Saavedra

Anne Jackson

Erica Jackson

Michelle Jackson

Steven Jackson

Kathleen Jacob

Ida Jacobs

Amber Jacott

Rachel Jaffy and Randy Wexler

Basundhara Jain

Ann James

Emily James

Donna and Larry James

Rich James

Tamara L. James and Bob Rich

Mustafa Jamil

Amanda Jamison

Laura Janakiefski

Ajayan and Anuja Janardhanan

Thomas Jander

Rob Janes

Margaret Jaros

Patrick Jarvis

Wendy and Brian Jasper

Joanne and Carter Jastram

Ruth Jaycox

Lynne Jeffrey

Charles Jenkins

Cynthia Jenkins

Mark Jenkins

Pat Jenkins

Roni Jenkins

Teri Jenkins

Beverly Jensen

Teresa Jenson

Tabitha Jernigan

Judy Jewell

Kenneth Jodon

John Johanssen

Alyssa Johnson

Cynthia Johnson

Eugenia Johnson

Geraldine Johnson

Madelynn Johnson

Marilyn Johnson

Samantha Johnson

Tara Johnson

Yvonne Johnson

Abbey Johnston

David Johnston

John Jolley

Anna Jones

Anthony Jones

Caitlin Jones

Dan Jones

Ellen Jones and Morris Beja

Gloria Jones

  1. Jones

Janice Jones

Kathy Jones and Tom Muchmore

Kyla Jones

Pat Jones

Patti and Gary Jones

Sarah and Terraun Jones

Tina Jones

Winifred Jones Carter

Laura Jonsson

Rose Jose

Daniel Joseph

Susan Joseph

Aniruddha Joshi

Neelam Joshi

Ann Joyce

Christine and Kevin Joyce

Erin Joyce

Martha Joyce

Kristina Jurecic

Carolyn Jurkowitz

Jan Jurkuta

Patrick Justice

Mrudula and Janardan Juvarkar

Mariame Kaba

Miriam Kahn

Griffin Kaho

Eloise Kaizar

Jagadish Kalaga

Mahmoud Kallash

Meera and Navya Kamath

Oscar Kamazima

Jacob Kamholz

Florence Kamp

Yoko and Chris Kan

Judy and Howard Kander

Henry Kangas

Balaji Kannan

Susan Kanter

Robert Kaplan

Meghan Kaple

Bridget Kardasz

Yeargar Karnga

Esther Kash and Edward Krauss

Linda and Frank Kass

Linda Katz and Jerry Hackman

Robert Katz

Mary and Tom Katzenmeyer

Emily Kauffman

Robert Kauffman

Renee and Ron Kauffman

Theresa Kauffman-Bidwell

Amy Kaufman

Linda and Mike Kaufmann

Maninder Kaur

Mary and David Kazan

Sandra Keaton

Susan and John Keeny

Susan Keiff

Elaine Keith

Elena Keller

George Keller

Emily Kelley

Joe Kelley

Michael Kellner

Mary Kelly and Roger Minner

Lynn and Dennis Kelnhofer

Mamie and Martin Kelsten

Alexia Kemerling

Robin Kemp

Kathi Kemper

Sadie Kemper

Marie Kenna-Dixon

Jill and Michael Kennedy

Mary Kennedy

Richard Kennedy

Eben Kent

Ada and Joel Kent

Megan and Alan Kent

Carey Ker

Shawn Kerger

Mia Kern

Tracy Kern

Hope Kerr

Charlotte and Jack Kessler

Joanne Kesten

Alicia Key

Barbara Keyfitz and Martin Golubitsky

Fahd Khan

Meraj Khan

Diyorakhon Khojirakhimova

Claudia Khourey-Bowers

Yordanas Kidane

Mary and Bob Kidder

Eileen and Keith Kidner

Janet Kienle

Jo Killien and Robert Johnson

Daniel Killoren

Gina Kim

Jessica Kim

Jung Kim

Janice and Joel Kin

Matthew Kindron

Angela King

Dane King

Gale King

Jean King

Kaeri King

Nancy and Daniel King

Kelly Ruoff and Patrick King

Ralph King

Kimberly and Lawrence Kinnison

Cynthia Kipker

Jeanne Kiraly

Katrina Kirby

Harding Kirchhoff

Judith Kirkbaumer

Ruth Kirkpatrick

Daniel Kirschenbaum

Andrew Kistler

Elizabeth Kittle

Gail and Axel Klauck-Jacobs

Cheryl Klausing

Linda Klayman

Brent Kleihauer

Amy Klein

Josia Klein

Sari Klepacz

Rebecca Klosterman

Joel Knapke

Brian Kneafsey

Hannah Knies

Barbara and Tom Knight

Erica Knisely

Tina Knisley

Constance Knueve

Yeon Ko

Cathe and John Kobacker

Melanie Koch

Michelle Kochensparger

Sheena Koebel

Anne Koehler

Beverly Koenig

Kim Koenig

Mary Jo and Tim Kohl

Denise and Dick Kohn

Marilyn Kohn

Paige Kohn

Brian Kolda

Sarah and Jason Kong

Renee Kopczewski

Joanne Kosanke

Li Tang and Gerald Kosicki

Patricija Kostovska

Manish Kothari

Mollie and Jeremy Kountz

Pavol Kovac

Violeta and Yuri Kovchegov

Sondra and Ralph Kowaluk

Michelle Kozak

Kathryn Kozelek

Robb Kraft

Jill and Ralph Kramer

Batvin Krawer

Liandra Kreil

Jennifer Kreinbrink

Susan Kreis

Sarah Kremin

Monica and Doug Kridler

Dorry Noyes and Michael Krippendorf

Krithiga Krishnamoorthy Suwaminathan

Orie Kristel

Lisa and Jacob Kristensen

Tim Krucki

Nathan Krul

Midge and Tally Krumm

Brian Krummen

Amy Kugler

Leslie Kulis

Marjean and Samuel Kulp

Maruthi Kumar Cheni

Connie Kuns and Martha Lund

Edgar Kuplis

Jodi Kushins

Andrea Kusta

Andrew Kuthy

Sally Kuzemchak

Susan Kwadrat

Diya Kwasny

Beth and Jean-François Lafont

Theodore Lahm

The Lai Family

Stella Lai

Jim Laird

Kathleen Laird

David Laitinen

Linda and Robert Lakemacher

Ashley Lambacher

Alice LaMotte

Barbara Land

Heather Landers

Kelsey Landers

Sara and Steve Landes

Alan Landgraf

Andrew Landgraf

Monica Landis

Laura Landy Carr

Drema Lane Smith

David Lang

Jamie Lang

Juanita Lang

Julie Langenfeld

Shannon and Ken Langer

Maureen Langlois

Sheryl Langner

Nikki and Harold Langworthy

Norma Lanker

Susan Lanker

Vickie Larabee

Medina Larkin

Karen and John Larrimer

Chris Larson

Patricia Larson

Corey LaRue

Maureen and David Latanick

Jay Latham

Barnadette Laughlin

Rosa Laurel

Andrea Laux

Le Thu and Robert Lawler

Susan and James Lawrie

Wayne Lawson and Bill Mitchell

Anne and Rusty Lawyer

Mandy Layton

Hannah and Nicholas Lazar

Franny Lazarus

Mary Lazarus

Lexie and Trip Lazarus

Janis Leach

Veronica Leahy

Ana and Augusto Leal

Shelley Lebeck and Tom McMahon

Barbara Ledford

Amanda and Brian Lee

Cheryl Lee

Liza and Will Lee

Jessica Lee

Bob Leedy

The Leess Family

Heidi Lehman

Jim Lehnert

Bettsy and Tom Leib

Jane Leiby

Astrid Leigh

Mary Leininger

Teri Leitwein

Michelle Leitzy

Tara Lenz

Denise and Bill Leonard

Joan and Patrick Leonard

Severine and Eric Leray

Barbara Letcher

Andrew LeVan

Adele and Arthur Levenstein

Nicole Leverett

Marlene Levine and Philip Edelsberg

Jill Levy

Elizabeth Lewis

Mia Lewis

Sevella Lewis

Tawnya Lewis

Teri Lewis

Christopher Lhamon

Ruth Li

Alicia Lias

Tara Lichtenberg

Marlowe and Eric Lichtenfeld

Cheri Liggins

Jana and Chuck Lilly

Alisa Lin

Kevin Lin

David Lincove

John Lindamood

Holly Lind-Combs

Amanda Linder

Cynthia Lindsay

Melissa Lindsey

Susan Drake and David Lindstedt

Valerie Lines

Vicki and Ron Linville

Lisbeth Lipari

Ashley and Jonathan Lipps

Kathy and Jeffrey Lipps

Sara and Stephen Liss

Mary Liszak

Fay and Ronald Little

Karen Little

Kevin Little

Cindy Liu

Wei Liu

Zhongfa Liu

TaiShawn Lively

Francine Livi

Garland Lo

Courtney Lobert

Rita Locke

Jo and Charles Lockett

David Logan

Mary and John Logan

Kayla Logsdon

Karen Lones

Elizabeth and Patrick Long

Mamie Long

Frank Lopeman

Stephanie Lopez

Lisa Lopez Snyder and Gary Snyder

Alan Lord

Pamela Hill Lorr and Michael Lorr

Vicky and Pat Losinski

Martha Loskota

Nassim Louail

Jessica and Kyle Love

Mrs. Sherri L. Love Mr. Scott M. Love

Gail and Jim Lowe

Joanna Lowenstein

Virginia Lowery

Bill Lowry

Kay Lozano

Cheryl Lubow

Roseann Lucci

Cathy Lucin

Evelyn Luckey

Menghua Luo

Carol Luper

Nancy and Tom Lurie

Patricia Luttmer

Elaine Luttrull

Linda Lybarger

John Lynch

Eugene Lynd

Margaret Lynd

Stacey Lyons

Mary and William Lyons

Cathy and Jeff Lyttle

Mei Ma

Martha Maas

Sara MacDonell

Barbara MacFarland

Jason Macke

Susan Macosko

Linden Madara

Edwin Madari

Leo Madden

Rebecca Madine

Catherine and Gerard Yoshimora

Carolyn Madison

Carrie and Andy Madison

Rachel Madjecki

Neal Magee

Stephen Magee

Kristen Magers

Mary Magill

James Mahaffey

Anandkumar Mahajan

Yolanda Mahan

Ibrahim Mahmoud

Barbara Main

Dina Maiorana

Lisa Majchrzak

Connie Makely

Kidest Makonnen

Jana Maldonado

Dawood Malik

Leslie and Kurt Malkoff

Kay Mallett

Michael Maloney

Natalie and Joe Mamlin

April Mancuso

Jennifer and Timothy Manion

Katie Mann

Knud Manniche

John Manning

Mary Manning

Michelle Manning

Tracy Manning

Alesa Mansfield

Lauren Manson

Yufei Mao

Lynn Marcho

Daniel Marcus

Kimberly and David Marino

Annabelle Marion

Jacquelyn Marion

Susan Markel

Joan Markos

Joan Marks

Jill and Roger Marquet

Ellen Marrison

Sara Marsalek

Beth Marsh and Ralph LeVan

Carole and Terry Marsh

Seth Marsh

Terri Marshall

Ian Martie

Brandi and Desmon Martin

Edward Martin

Jack Martin

Josephine Martin

Mary Pat Martin and Rick Livingston

Zac Martin

Gail Martineau

Joanna Martinez

Maria Martinez

Geri Martorano

Stefanie Martt

Margot Marx

Dale Masel and Roberto McClin

Mark Massaro

Sherrill and Charles Massey

Barbara Massie

Beth Maston

Johanna Matheny

Sandra Mathias

Rhonda Matlock

Natalie and Will Matt

Shannon Mattern

Karen and Bill Mattes

Jay Matthews

Karen Matthews

Katherine and Douglas Matthews

Amy Mattingly

Kathy Mauerman

Joyce Maurer

Carol May

Christine May

Cindy and Andrew May

Ronald Mayer

Trish Mayhorn

Nancy Mayle

Claudia Maynard

Lia Mazzarelli

Larren McBride

Anne and Pat McCaffrey

Chris and Tim McCarthy

Cynthia McCarty

JoAnn and Richard McClead

Amy and Rusty McClure

Larry McCollum

Susan McCollum

Bruce McComb

Michaela McConkey

Kathryn McConnaughey

Adrain Mcconnell

Diane and Leon McCorkle

Jennifer McCormick

Karen McCoy

Marcia McCoy

Nancy and Hugh McCracken

Carolyn and Robert McCrary

Gayle and Kevin McCray

Dan McCullough

Anne McDaniel

Garry McDaniel

Beverly McDonald

Carrie McDonald

Lisa McDonald

Marsha McDonald

Norma McDonough

Nancy and Charles McDowell

Thomas McDowell

Peace McElwee

Michael McFadden

Heather and Tom Mcfadden

Theresa McFarland

Francis McGarvey

Sherry McGhghy

Emily McGinnis

Dianna McGlone

Lindsay and Ethan McGory

Vicki and William McGovern

Ashlee Hamilton-McGranor and Timothy McGranor

Donna McGrath

Debora Mcgraw

Eric McGraw

Carol McGuire

Tabitha McGuire

Jennifer McHugh

Teresa McHugh

Kevin McIver

Wendy McKay

Joy and Locke McKenzie

Joyce and Sean McKinniss

Judy and Don McKissick

Amy McLanahan and Johnathon Tetzloff

Nanette McLane

Helen McLean

Christina and DeEarnest McLemore

Judi McLoughlin

Michael McMaken

Chia-Wen Kao and Tom McMillen

Matt McMullen

Jennifer McNally and Michael Flamm

Joseph McNemar

Cindy and Tim McNichols

Kathy McPike

Christopher McQuid

Pearson McWane

James Mears

Charles Meckstroth

Breanna Meekings

Megan Mefford

Lisa Meglich

Atul Mehta

Shawna Mehta

Lauren and John Meier

Betty and David Meil

Leah and Pedro Mejia

Kay and Mike Melaragno

Bossoa Mele

James Melle

Marjorie Menaul

Ryan Merrell

Linda Merriman

Diane and Michael Mess

Max Messick

Lynne Messner

Anne and Steven Metzler

Nancy and Bruce Meyer

Douglas Meyer

Jenna Meyers

Toni Mulrane-Meyers and Melvyn Meyers

Shelley and Scott Meyers

Merrilee Bonface and Jeffrey Michael

Judy Michaelson

Amy and Bob Milbourne

Vanessa Miles

Sarah Milks Bethel and Brock Bethel

Kristie and Edward Millane

Helen and Carl Miller

Carole Miller

Cheryl Miller

Colbert Miller

Susan Brauning and Douglas Miller

Joel Miller

Jordan Miller

Karen Miller

Laura Miller

Marjorie Miller

Megan Miller

Michael Miller

Monica Miller

Nancy Miller

Paula Miller and Milt Fullen

Heathor Pirrone and Robert Miller

Seth Miller

Sharon and Glenn Miller

Terry Miller

Victoria Miller

Joyce Milliken

Robert Mills

Roberta Mills

Ramora Milner

Dan Milosevich

Srikanta Mishra

Cathy Mitchell

Darla and Darrell Mitchell

Kelly Mitchell

Hana Mitsui

Mark Mitzman

Patricia Moats

Catherine Mockler

Manasy Modi

Laura Modisette

  1. Moffitt

Wendy Ungar and Wendy Mohr

Jeff Mohrman

Barrett Mohrmann

Mina and Ali Mokhtari

Patrick Mollica

Sydney Moman

Kimberly Monder

Antoinette Mongillo and Scott Howson

Carla Montgomery

Fran and John Montgomery

Sharon Montgomery

Sean Moodie

Kathy and Mark Moody

Kathryn Moon

Brittany Moore

Iliana Moore

Melanie Moore

Susanne and Michael Moore

Marilyn and Phil Moots

Jeff Moratt

Elizabeth More

Marisa Moreno

Mary Moreno-Culter

Georgia Morgan

Anne Morganstern

Barbara Morris

Basil Morris

Jill Morris

Sharon and John Morris

Cameron Morrison

Lynn Morrison

Hazel and Charles Morrow-Jones

Diana Morse

Betty Morss

Daniel Morton

Andrew Moscardino

Jessica and Zachary Moses

Corrin Moss

Nicole Moss

Robert Moss

Joseph Motika

Brittany Mounts

Mark Moxley-Knapp

Carole Moyer

Sharon Moyer

Gerry Mpyanga

Sasha Mrozinski

Joan Muellerleile and Dumont Jones

Anthony Mughan

Andrea Varasso-Mulsiano and Thomas Mulisano

Mary Pat Mulligan

Julie Mullins

Kay Mullins

Michelle Mulroy

Harish Munigala

Tekla Munobe

Rebecca Murakami

Bridget Murphy

B & B Murray

Britney Murray

Jacob Murray

Lynn Murray

Peter Murray

Kelsey Musachio and Matt Ray

Julie and Jamie Musclow

Susan and Allen Musheno

L.A. Mutschler

Kris and Jeff Myers

Marla Myers

Marsha Myers

Thomas Myers

William Myers

Nancy and William Myers

Jane Mykrantz and Kiehner Johnson

Rebecca and Keith Naas

Louis Nachman

Srinivasa Nagireddy

Pamela Nahs

Melania and Lloyd Napper

Sandeep Narsingam

David Nassau

Mary and Luis Navarro

Ann and Jim Neader

Annette Neal

Mary and Timothy Neff

Nancy Nehring

Tara Neiswonger

Donald Nelson

Janis Nelson

Kathryn Nelson

Marley Nelson

Ronald Nelson

Alison Nesbitt

Jan Nespor

Craig Ness

Kathryn Nestor

Jocelyn Nevel

Melany Newby

Julie and Ed Newhall

Deniese Newman

John Newman

Ann and Gerald Newsom

James Nguyen

Vi Nguyen

William Nicewanger

Lisa Nichols

Patricia Nichols

Phyllis Nicholson

Suzy Nick

Jennie Nickel

Paul Niedziela

Andrea and Stefan Niewiesk

Madeleine Nikolaus

Patricia and Jack Niles

Annegreth Nill and Bruce Posey

Helen Ninos and Mike Underwood

Mariko Kaneda and David Niwa

Nancy Nixon and Will Cowman

Karen Nokes

Dawn Nolen

Sarah Norris

Jocelyn North

Pamela Northrup

Gayatri Thampy and Chris Norton

Sarah and John Novak

Mary Nowels

Laura Nowocin

Gregory Noyes

Elisabeth Null

Allison Nunnally

Alex Nyamohanga

Laura Oberst

Teri Oberst

Cory Oberting

Daniela Obi

Betty O’Brien

Brett Obrovac

Nancy Ockay and Stephen Binder

Stephanie Ockerman

Dorothy Odrosky

Kezia Ofosu Atta

Jennifer Ogden

Megan and Mark Ogden

Marchelle and John O’Grady

Thomas OHara

Mary O’Kane

Anandkumar Okrutny

Christina and Zac Oldham

Teri and Carl Oliver

Emily and Michael Oliver

LuAnn Oliver

Jennifer Olivieri

Angela O’Neal

Maria Onest

Chuck Oney

Gregg Oosterbaan

Cathleen Opperman

Michael Oram

Molie Oreilly

Paula and Shawn O’Reilly

Sara Orlos

Heather Orr

Kristin Orr Winstead

Kathleen Ort

Margaret O’Shaughnessy

Brad Ostroff

Neil Ostrove

Kathy Ostrowski

Alexandra Oswald

Shellie and Michael O’Toole

Lathtana Oudomvong

Julie and Merle Owdom

Kevin Kowalski and Scott Owens

Irina Owens

Jeremiah Owens

Sue Owens

Andrew Pace

Greg Pace

Debra and Brian Pack

Patricia and Jeff Pahre

Jeffery Paice

Trent Palm

Charlotte Palmer

David Palmer

Chintamani Palsule

Dongdong Pan

Mary Pang

Susan and Tom Pape

Julia Papke

George Paplios

Cristina Parady

Catherine Park

Suzane Park

Tara and David Parker

Jamaila Parker

O’Nise Parker

Lisa Parks

Jean Parmir

Anne and Charles Paschall

Sieglinde Martin and Fred Pastor

Rudolph Pataro

Chaitalee Patel

Hiralal Patel

Mary Jo Patke

Eugene Patlashenko

Ram Patnaik

Carolyn and David Patterson

Maria Patterson

Gloria and Robert Patterson

Janice Patton

Jose Paul

Rick Paul

Edward Pawlik

Steve Paxton

Vonda Paxton

Sherri Pea

Yvette and Stanley Pederson

Michael Pedrotty

Katie Peet

Christine Pegg

Corine Peifer

Colleen Pelasky

Gail Pellerin

Roberta Penn

Charlotte and William Penniman

Charlesetta Pennington

James Pennington

Jerry Perkins

Matt Perlman

Delmar Perry

Annette Peters

Jim Peters

Lou Peters

Anne and Larry Peterson

Sharon and Bruce Peterson

Carolyn Peterson

Denise Peterson

Kirstin Peterson

Sarah Peterson

Hannah Petko Bunney

Hiral Petlikar

Damien Petranek

Christine Pettit

Leslie Yenkin and Jonathan Petuchowski

Jayprakash Phalke

Anannya and Arvind Phaltankar

Jann and Steve Phelps

Kelly Phillips

Robert Phillips

Gwen and Ronald Phillips

Ron Phitayakorn

Laura and Sal Piazza

Cynthia Picciano

Amanda Pierce

Hannah Pierce

Nadine and Keith Pierce

Linda and Allen Pierce

Neal Pierce

Helen Pierson

Lori Pierson

Kat and Don Pigman

James Pinkham

Jennifer Pinkstock

Ann and Ronald Pizzuti

Jane and Kenneth Planisek

Sherry Plante

Colin Plappert

Teresa Plattenburg

Kristine Plisga

Elizabeth Plotnick-Snay and Mitchell Snay

Susan and Jerome Pocta

Jo Ann Poczik

Alice Poindexter

Krishna and Indra Pokhrel

Virginia Poland

Suresh Polavarapu

Shane Polen

Sara Poling

Carl Polito

Jan and John Pollock

Gregory Polzer

Kimberly Poma

Kay Pope

Chiaki Porter

Lucy Porter

Maryann Porter

Nick Porterfield

Hope Poston

Tracy and Mark Potter

Pamela Potter

Susan Pottkotter

Carianne Potts

Sandra and Warren Powell

Ed Powers

Andrea Poyet

Julie Pozda

Gina Prater

Holly Prater and Timothy Frisch

Zachery Prater

Marla and Jim Preisch

Doug Preisse

Jane Preissner

Marcia Preston

Jane and Romeo Presutti

Cynthia and John Previte

Richard Price

Abigail Priedeman

Emily Prieto

Carol and Scott Prigan

Karen Prior and Allen Bernard

Marthenia and Richard Prior

Marilyn Pritchett

Cindy and David Probst

Annie Promen and Don Griffin

Susan Prosek

Robert Prosser

Bosston Prowell

George Pryor

Lois Ptaszek

Cynthia and Steven Puckett

Letha Pugh

Erin Pulcini

Naushad Puliyambalath

Rebecah Pulsifer

Maureen and William Pultinas

Beverly and Bill Purcell

Mary Purcell

Arleigh Purtell

Adriana Pust

Doug Putnam

James Putnam

Anna Pyle

Clement Pyles

Hasan Qadri

Wing Tang and Albert Quan

Mary and George Quillin

Cathy Quinn

Randi Quinn

Beth and Joel Rabb

Jessica Radabaugh

Tommie Radd

Matthew Radebaugh

Sally Rader

Angela Radic

Robert Radziszewski

Bhanu Ragunathan

Premjeeth Rai

Linda Raike

Maryann and Rian Rainey

Kathleen Rains

Deborah Raita

Sivakumar Rajendran

Valerie Rake

Yogesh Ramakrishnan

Sahana Satish and Suresh Ramanath

Sridhar Ramavarapu

Joan Rammel

Sharon Ramsay

Ellen Ramsey

Wendy Ramsey

Patricia Ranalli

Shonali Raney

Margaret and Stephen Ranft

Anneliese Rankin

Bill Ransbottom

Ellen Rapkin and Duane Buck

Cindy and Steve Rasmussen

Annemarie Rasor

Alexandra Ratie

Amanda Ray

Amanda and Eric Ray

Lauren Raymond

Patricia and James Raynak

Mary Readey

Sue and Mark Real

Alexa Reck

Achea and Michael Redd

Kristina Redgrave and Ray Jones

Lynne and Martyn Redgrave

Clarence Reed

David Reed

Gayle Reed

Michelle Reed

Olukorede-Layne Reed

Lisa Klein and Robert Reed

Terry Reed

Patrick Reeder

Douglas Reedy

Christine Reel-Wilson

Mary Reese

William Reese

Kathryne and Kevin Reeves

Evangeline and Stan Regas

Leanne Regrut

Richard Rehl

Gwendolyn Rehm

Sasha and Benjamin Reid

Beth and Jay Reilly

Nichole Reiss

Theresa Relation

Anne and Bill Remias

Wayne Remy

Sarah Renner

Doug Rennick

Ellen Rennick

Renee and Marvin Resnik

Georgeanne Reuter

Lisa Reynolds

Susan and Wesley Rhiel

Luanne Rhodes

Scott Rhodes

Melanie Ribbeck

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Nellie and John Riordan

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Simi Ritch

Amanda and Chris Ritchey

Alexander Ritchie

Suzanne Rizer

Harriette and Darryl Robbins

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John Roberts

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Laura and Bob Robertson-Boyd

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Tara and Tim Robison

Ryan Rodgers

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Sally Rogers

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Kelly and Tip Rose

Sandy Rose

Rosanne and Mark Rosen

Maria and Steve Rosenthal

Anita and Aron Ross

Carol and Alfred Rotella

Dee and Allan Roth

Lane and John Rothschild

Susan and Michael Rothstein

Christine Rouleau

Kathleen Rowe

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Carol Roy

Jennifer and Partha Roy

Pradipta Roy

Kathy Royer

Tara and Bradley Rozen

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Sarah and Mark Ryan

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Katie Saad

Padhu Kalpattu Govindan and RK Sabapathy

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Lori and Ed Sachs

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Shareeque Sadiq

Joshua Sadvari

Gabriella Saelens

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Lynn and Robert Salem

Allana and John Salimbene

Elizabeth Salt

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Ved Prakash Sankaran

Kristen Santos

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Patricia Sargeant-Matthews and Michael Matthews

Arundhati Sarkar

Rose Sarko

Erin Sarosi

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Jessica and Nick Sattler

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Susie and Rocky Saxbe

Michele Sayre

Karen Sberna

Carolyn Scales

Meara and Matt Scantland

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Blair Scheks

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The Shackelford Family Foundation

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Rebecca and Aaron Shocket

Dana Shook

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Terri Shores

Heidi Reid and William Shorthill

Noam Shpancer

Barbara and Richard Shramo

Sumeeti Shrivastava

Dave Shull

Nancy and Dennis Shuman

Thom Shuman

Renée and Alex Shumate

Jeffrey Shupe

Anna Shvets

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Franki and Scott Sibberson

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Siemer Family Foundation

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Nancy Single

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Donna and Bruce Siple

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Jason Sivillo

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Ashley Sklenicka

Teresa and Robert Skobrak

Charlotte Slagel

Dallas Slagle

Linda Slates

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Alice Staaby

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Megan Stansberry

Mara Stark

Richard Stark

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Beth and Joe Starrett

Nancy and Mark Stasik

Kimberly Stauffer

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Edward Steigerwald

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Ruth Stenberg

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Sadie and Seyman Stern

Kelly Stevelt and Jesse Cantrell

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Nimfa Stewart

Judi and Jim Stillwell

Andrew Stimmel

Kathleen and Frederick Stith

Kelly Stockwell

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Sheryl and William Stoll

Ida Storts

Emily Strand

Christy Stratton

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Cathy Strauss and John Lowe

Amy and John Strawser

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Katherine Struve

Marsha Studebaker and Terry Swango

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Myra and Terry Stull

Andrea and David Stump

Ryan Stumpf

J.P. Sturgiss

Bobbi and Kevin Stykemain

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Colleen Nissl and Roger Sugarman

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Rebecca and Sheldon Taft

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The Tesi Family

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Samuel Thompson

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Susan and Don Thompson

Lane Thorne

Linda and Charles Thornton

Rosemarie Thornton

Tamara and Vance Thornton

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Cathy Tilling

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Annika and Brandon Tingley

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