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Summer Fun Preview

Take a sneak peek at all the just-for-teens fun we have planned at Columbus Metropolitan Libraries all summer!

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Pick and Express!
Pick a poem any poem, whether a novel in verse, a spoken word performance, a Shakespearean master piece, or a classic from Maya Angelou. Share it with a friend or journal about it, what message does the poem send? What meaning do you gain from it?

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Making Cents: How To Make Your Money Work For You

Budget Spreadsheet
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How Money Smart Are You?
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Financial Vision Board
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Beyond the Hashtag: How to Make Your Voice Heard

Trivia Game Fundraiser
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Crisis Averted: Strategies for Successful Conflict Resolution

“I” Statements Practice
Download Worksheet →

The Collaboration Effect Pocket Guide
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De-escalaltion Handout
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It's Lit: Talking About the Books

Create Your Own Book List
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Teens Create: Book Cover
Book Cover Template →
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Career Spotlight

Each month we have a video highlighting careers in other organizations, with a professional in the field talking about their work.

Military Careers with
Security Officer Eric Wilson

Security Officer Eric shares his military career history and experiences.

Created by Teens

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