Volunteers & VolunTeens

If you enjoy working with youth and want to impact their future, this is the place to be. Volunteers serve a big role in Young Minds programming, especially School Help and Reading Buddies. 

Other volunteer opportunities vary but may include Life Skills, such as helping customers with basic computer skills, and tasks such as shelving books and other materials.  

Does joining the library’s team of volunteers sound like the job for you? If so, sign up below.

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School Help

We help students with basic skills and assist them with homework, including showing them where to find resources, then guiding them to find the answers on their own.

Reading Buddies

In 15-minute segments, a child reads to you, and you guide them through the process, helping when they stumble over a word then asking them about what they read.

Adults learning on Computers

Adult Education

Adults frequently need help when completing basic tasks on the library’s computers. Volunteers provide them with assistance as they apply for jobs and complete online forms.

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