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Listen to My Trumpet!​

by Mo Willems

When Piggie plays her new trumpet for Gerald, the elephant decides he must be honest in his response.

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Raindrops to Rainbow

by John Micklos Jr.

Being stuck inside with gray rain clouds looming makes a young girl wish for a blue sky day, but when the weather clears up and the yellow sun shines, raindrops give way to bright, bold colors that are worth the wait.
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There's Only One You​

by Kathryn Heling

You’re different from everyone else–and it’s awesome! This book celebrates all the things that make you special. From the way you look to the activities you enjoy–there’s no wrong way to be yourself. Do you like sports, art, spelling, or math? Do you like more than one? Do you hang out with lots of friends or maybe a few? Whoever you are, it’s great being you!

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When the Storm Comes​

by Linda Ashmon

Illustrations and rhyming text show the many different ways in which people and animals prepare for a storm and take shelter.

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Why Not You?

by Ciara and Russell Wilson

Rhyming text shows the importance of believing in oneself and daring to shoot for the stars.

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