Reinvesting in Our Communities

We completed Phase I of our aspirational building program to bring 21st century libraries to 10 communities. Check out this booklet we created to celebrate the journey.

We’re now thrilled to be embarking on Phase II: new branches for Karl Road, Gahanna and Reynoldsburg, as well as a major renovation of our Hilltop Branch. These buildings were selected based on their age, use and the growing needs of the communities they serve.

Our new Karl Road Branch is open, and our new Hilltop and Gahanna branches are under construction. Plus, planning is underway for a new Reynoldsburg Branch.

Karl Road Branch

New Karl Road Branch is now open at 5590 Karl Rd. 


Construction Manager at Risk

Hilltop Branch

Our temporary location at 3658 Soldano Blvd., in the Consumer Square West shopping center, will permanently close at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, Sept. 22.

Renovation/Expansion: 511 S. Hague Ave.
Current Sq. Ft.: 20,000
New Sq. Ft.: 32,500



Construction Manager at Risk

Gahanna Branch

We broke ground on your new branch on July 14! Come see us at our temporary location, at 310 Hamilton Rd., in the Hunter’s Ridge Shopping Center.

New building: 310 Granville St.
Current Sq. Ft:. 21,400
New Sq. Ft:. 35,300

Expected to open in 2022


Construction Manager at Risk

Reynoldsburg Branch

We held a virtual community meeting about the new Reynoldsburg Branch on April 28. Stay tuned for more info!

New building: 1402 Brice Rd.
Current Sq. Ft:. 19,800
New Sq. Ft:. 37,500

Expected to open in 2023


Construction Manager at Risk