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  • COVID 19 (Coronavirus) Job Search  >>
    This job search resource provided by the Governor’s Office of Workforce Transformation is specifically geared for matching essential businesses with Ohioans who are able and willing to work as an essential employee during the COVID-19 crisis.
  • Indeed Job Searching (During COVID-19) >>
    Indeed is a trusted job search platform. This guide will show you how to use their job search in the current economy.


Learn how to navigate applying online and having a virtual interview.

  • Practice Interviewing >>
    Ohio Means Jobs provides access to Big Interview, a resource with video training for interviews and practice formats that allow the user to answer interview questions on a webcam.


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  • >>
    The federal government’s healthcare website explains the differences between Medicaid, CHIP, COBRA and health insurance marketplace plans, with links to apply to each. If you have lost your job and your job-based health coverage, you qualify for a special enrollment period to get coverage through the health insurance marketplace.


Our partners provide a wide range of assistance to help our customers learn, grow and thrive.

  • Ohio Means Jobs (OMJ) >>
    Dedicated to developing and advancing the workforce to meet the current and future workforce needs of the communities in Franklin County and its surrounding counties.
  • Jewish Family Services (JFS) >>
    Provides access to job search online tools, resources and leads to help job seekers be more successful in finding employment.
  • Godman Guild >>
    Provides workforce development programs that help address barriers to sustainable employment.
  • Goodwill Columbus >>
    Provides extensive resources and skill-building opportunities to help job seekers find a career and increase skills and wages.