Customer Experience (CX) for Libraries

At CML, CX is a priority and we eagerly share our learnings here. Contact us for more help.

The Professional Association of CX


Charlie Hansen
Chief Customer Experience Officer


Customer First

At Columbus Metropolitan Library, our customers come to us to find, explore, discover, solve and do. We’re available, engaged and responsive. We listen to them. And we help them. We put the customer first. This video brings our philosophy to life.

CX and Libraries

Patrick Losinski
CEO, Columbus Metropolitan Library

Columbus Metropolitan Library has a legacy of a strong customer focus with service at the forefront. Alison Circle, Chief Customer Experience Officer, talks with CEO Patrick Losinski about that legacy and how CML embraced the shift to the Customer Experience (CX) philosophy.

Why CX Matters

Bruce Temkin
Head, Qualtrics XM Institute

Bruce Temkin is the co-founder of the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA) and a highly recognized thought leader in the field. Alison Circle, Chief Customer Experience Officer, talks with him about why it’s critical for libraries to embrace CX as part of their culture.

Using CX to Transform a Legacy Brand

Todd Koch
VP, Strategy, Marketing & Customer Engagement, Greyhound Lines, Inc.

Todd Koch is the Vice President, Strategy, Marketing & Customer Engagement for Greyhound Lines, Inc. Alison Circle, Chief Customer Experience Officer, talks with him about how he has led customer experience change at this 100-year-old legacy brand.

CX and Service Desks

Wendy VanScheetz
Circulation Manager, Columbus Metropolitan Library

We’ve moved from the traditional model of our staff behind a large desk to our staff out front, greeting and approaching customers in an agile, less imposing environment. This segment talks about why and how we made the shift.

CX and Stemming Clutter

Abby Kiracofe
Children’s Manager, Columbus Metropolitan Library

Avoiding clutter in the children’s area can be difficult to do, balancing the need for staff tools with an environment that supports learning. We’ve found that balance and this segment talks about why and how we keep the clutter at bay.

CX and Visual Merchandising

Anne Jubera
Branch Manager, Columbus Metropolitan Library

A significant part of any library experience is finding a good book and displays draw customers in to take a look. This segment talks about the guiding principles of a really great display that will entice customers to stop and take that look – and find a book.