December 21, 2015

Library publishes three whitepapers surrounding its efforts to impact Young Minds

COLUMBUS—Columbus Metropolitan Library’s (CML) chief strategy is Young Minds: preparing children for success in kindergarten and beyond. Now, for the first time, CML has published three whitepapers intended to help maximize the library industry’s impact in this effort.

1. Enhancing Literacy Rigor in Ready for Kindergarten Storytime. CML engaged a professor of early literacy to review Ready for Kindergarten Storytimes and supporting print collateral. The paper includes how CML implemented recommended changes.

2. Improving Early Literacy Skills describes the evaluation results from standardized assessments of children and their parents receiving multiple home visits by a library staff member.

3. Driving Results with School Book Delivery evaluates the impact on reading scores when CML provides new, high-interest titles for targeted elementary classrooms.

“At CML, our innovative work is designed to provide Young Minds and their parents and caregivers with the tools and skills needed to succeed,” said CML CEO Patrick Losinski. “But we also want to share our experiences and our successes with the library and education communities at-large so that we can better meet the challenges we face.”

Columbus Metropolitan Library has served the people of Franklin County, Ohio since 1873. With its Main Library and 22 branches, CML is well known for signature services and programs like Homework Help Centers, Reading Buddies, Summer Reading Club and Ready for Kindergarten. The library’s Strategic Plan supports the vision of “a thriving community where wisdom prevails,” which positions CML to respond to areas of urgent need: kids unprepared for kindergarten, third grade reading proficiency, high school graduation, college readiness and employment resources.

CML was named a 2011 National Medal Winner by the Institute for Museum and Library Services for work in community service, the highest honor for libraries and museums. Columbus Metropolitan Library has been rated a 5-Star Library by Library Journal for seven of the eight years the magazine has published its industry ratings.