November 7, 2018

Library joins Ohio Opioid Education Alliance to share the dangers of opioid abuse

COLUMBUS—Columbus Metropolitan Library (CML) has joined with the Alcohol, Drug and Mental Health Board of Franklin County (ADAMH) and other businesses and civic and community partners as a member of the Ohio Opioid Education Alliance.

As a member, CML will amplify the messages shared through a media campaign to engage parents and caregivers about the dangers opioids have on our communities, particularly on children. The media campaign, “Denial, Ohio”, is based on research that shows most people are aware of the opioid crisis, but significantly underestimate the risks opioids pose to their own children, families and communities.

“We are located right in the heart of the national opioid crisis,” says CML CEO Patrick Losinski. “And as a public library, we are uniquely positioned to share resources that have the power to save lives.”

CML has already begun sharing “Denial, Ohio” messaging on its website,, which receives more than 9 million visits a year.

Columbus Metropolitan Library has served the people of Franklin County, Ohio since 1873. With its Main Library and 22 branches, CML is well known for signature services and programs like Homework Help, Reading Buddies, Summer Reading Challenge and Ready for Kindergarten. The library’s Strategic Plan supports the vision of “a thriving community where wisdom prevails,” which positions CML to respond to areas of urgent need: kids unprepared for kindergarten, third grade reading proficiency, high school graduation, college and career readiness and employment resources.

CML was named a 2011 National Medal Winner by the Institute for Museum and Library Services for work in community service, the highest honor for libraries and museums. CML was also named 2010 Library of the Year by Library Journal.