Reading and reading comprehension skills are important for students to do well in school.

Reading comprehension means a child understands what the story is about after they've read the words.

A new state law, the Third Grade Reading Guarantee, means students who don't pass the Ohio Achievement Assessment will be held back in third grade.

Columbus Metropolitan Library wants to help your student be a better reader, so we're working with educators to provide the programs and resources to do just that.

Reading Buddies

Help your student be a better reader.

All 21 locations have a Reading Buddies program.

  • Who: Students in Kindergarten through Grade 3
  • What: One-on-one reading practice with library staff or volunteers
  • Why: To help students with reading skills so they can be successful in school

The program supports Ohio's Third Grade Reading Guarantee.

Driving Park
Monday: 5 - 5:45 p.m.
Wednesday: 5 - 5:45 p.m.

Working with Schools

Columbus City SchoolsWe're working with the 10 school districts we serve to make sure we have the programs and resources parents and students need for help with school success.

Columbus City Schools has a Reading Buddies program that occurs during the school day, and participation is a result of teachers choosing students in need.

The library's Reading Buddies program supports this work by providing an after-school opportunity for students to get more help. Reading Buddies at CML also provides the service for children who don't qualify for the school program.

For more information about Columbus City Schools Reading Buddies program, please contact Columbus City Schools.

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