Amazing Cows
Sandra Boynton
January 27, 2014
Reviewed by: Robin

Every now and then I need a break from heavy novels, dark crime novels and serious nonfiction. So who do I turn to?  Sandra Boynton of course!

Her book Amazing Cows is a laugh a minute with jokes, limericks and a super hero story about Amazing Cow!  If you are looking for something fun to read while you are trying to stay warm, give this fun book a chance.

Murder Code
Steve Mosby
January 21, 2014
Reviewed by: Robin

I read a lot of mysteries so have seen a few ways to commit murder.  This book surprised even me.  Detective Inspector Andrew Hicks has also seen a lot of murders but when random killings happen every few days, he is baffled by this serial killer who seems to be on a spree with no pattern.  While not a book for everyone as there is some graphic descriptions, if you like murder mysteries that surprise you, give this American debut of a British novel a try.

John Scalzi
January 16, 2014
Reviewed by: Robin

If you are a Star Trek fan, and even if you aren't, you might enjoy this fun romp by Scalzi.  This book won the Hugo Award for Best Novel in 2013 as well as the Locus Award for Best Science Fiction.  Assigned to the prestigious Intrepid, ensign Andrew Dahl worries about casualties suffered by low-ranking officers during away missions before making a shocking discovery about the starship's actual purpose.

Stuart Neville
January 10, 2014
Reviewed by: Robin

If you haven't read anything by Stuart Neville and you enjoy mysteries, might give him a try.  This book is set in 1963 on the cusp of President Kennedy's visit to Ireland.  Days before the big event, a German national is murdered in a seaside guesthouse. Lieutenant Albert Ryan, Directorate of Intelligence, is ordered to investigate and gets embroiled in a network of old loyalties and secrets.  Good mystery with an interesting historical bent.

The Case of the Love Commandos
Tarquin Hall
January 4, 2014
Reviewed by: Robin

Welcome to another year of great reading!  I just finished the latest in Hall's most excellent detective series. Vish Puri, India's Most Private Investigator is great.  Often he seems more fixated on filling his belly with samosas or chutney, but don't be fooled, he is a cunning PI that solves the case each time.  While fun, this series also makes some insightful comments on modern India society.