PLEASE NOTE: This application is for new cards only. If you need to renew or replace your library card, please visit the Customer Service Desk.

All applicants must be residents of Ohio.

This application is a CONTRACT, so read it carefully. Complete and submit this form, and bring your photo ID with proof of current address to the Customer Service Desk.

Borrower's Agreement

I will

  • Be financially responsible for material borrowed with this card.
  • Inform the library if my residence or email address changes.
  • Monitor the material my child selects and checks out on this card.
  • Pay all fines/charges for the late return, loss of or damage to all material borrowed on this card.
  • Report a lost/stolen card immediately; I am solely responsible for lost/stolen items on my card until I report it lost/stolen.

The library will

  • Hold parent/guardian solely responsible for ensuring material borrowed by their child/ward is appropriate. The library's collection serves a wide diversity of customers and therefore contains material some feel is inappropriate.
  • Hold parent/guardian of a minor (those age 17 and under) responsible for fines/charges for late return of or damage to material borrowed with this card until the card expires.
Please abbreviate the street type, e.g., 123 Main St.
Please abbreviate the street type, e.g., 123 Main St.
Please use full city name, e.g., Columbus.
Primary Phone Number
Secondary Phone Number
Date of Birth:
Your PIN is the last four digits of your phone number by default. If you wish to create a different PIN or do not provide a phone number, enter your desired PIN here.
Please select your preferred method of notification for reserved library materials.